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Going a little taller can have a significant impact on your life. Height is an essential measurement of the human body; everyone has different body shapes and heights. It is a commonly used indication of physical stature. The Height comparison calculator will compare your height to the average height for your sex and age group.

Please look at our height comparison calculator to see how it works.

What is a Height Comparison Calculator?

A Height Comparison Calculator is a measuring tool to help people compare their heights. You can enter the names and heights of two people, and the calculator will tell you their average sizes. The calculator lists the tallest and shortest people in each state and country.

You can use our height Comparison tool to figure out what height of the population belongs to your height and how many people of your gender, age, and country are shorter or taller than you. It is ideal for answering the questions “What height of me?” and “What is the height of my partner or my circle?” but can also be used for other purposes, such as infants, toddlers, and children, including newborn babies.

How to Use the Height Comparison Calculator?

This tool is a great way to find out if you are taller or shorter than your friends or to see how tall people from different countries are. Any age, person, and gender can use it. To use the calculator, you can enter your size in inches, feet, or meters or use your country’s standard size and select your age group and then enter the data you want to compare with. The calculator will then show you the corresponding measurement for that age group.
The height comparison calculator is based on the idea that height in human populations follows a roughly normal distribution.

Height Comparison of the group of people

How is the heights comparison calculator calculated?

A height comparison calculator is a measuring tool that all ages, people, and gender can use. This device can help compare different heights to find the best size for someone. The heights comparison calculator uses the metric system, which is compatible with most international standards.


To use the heights comparison calculator, you first need to input the information about you and the person you are comparing heights with yourself or anyone. After entering your gender and age, select the standard size scale in feet and inches, your name, and the size and details you wish to compare. When you reach the comparison button, you will be able to compare the results in feet and inches.

After the comparison you will be able to see how much taller or shorter each person is compared to one another. You will also see how each person’s height corresponds to the average size for their sex and age group. Top tips for using a height comparison calculator ensure you have accurate measurements of your height and body weight.

Data sources for an average height!

Under the World Health Organization’s Child Growth Standards, the height percentile calculator calculates the height of infants and children up to 24 months.

  1. Based on the United States NHANES population survey, children older than 23 months (both girls and boys) and teenagers are classified according to their height
  2. Which was used to compile the CDC Growth Charts; thus, ” USA” is the only option in the country selector if you enter an age in this range.

Currently, 116 countries are used to gather data on adult height. These include the United States, Canada, Mexico, and most European countries. The average size varies greatly between countries because of genetic and environmental factors, so you should compare your measurements with the correct country average.

Our average height tables are based on CDC growth charts and the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2011-2014). According to biological sex, it shows the expected height for each age bracket, assuming no other personal data is available.

American and Britain Kids

In America and England, parents are very much dedicated and conscious about the heights of their kids; for this, they give them meals full of nutrition to make their hormones work efficiently. They share with their kids a proper diet, and they participate much in sports and other exercises that are concerned with making height ideal.

Since their childhood, some physicians and dietitians have designed the best diet plan for their kids to meet all the requirements of their bodies.

Their schooling is also best regulated in such a way that they focus on their exercises and physical activities so that they can grow not only physically but also there is best mental growth.

That’s why, due to these schooling activities, they are good at sports and all the phases and spheres of their life.

Most Attractive Heights for Men and Women in UK and US.

In the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), the most attractive heights are appealing, and here we will enlist some of their most attractive measurements for men and women. You can compare your height with favorites celebrity with the Celebrity Height comparison tool.

Most Attractive Heights for Men in UK and US.

In the UK and the US, the most attractive heights for men are as follows;

  1. 5ft 6in
  2. 5ft 8in
  3. 5ft 9in
  4. 5ft 10in
  5. 6ft

Most Attractive Heights for Women in UK and US.

In UK and US, the most attractive and appealing heights for women that cast a spell on their personality are given as follows;

  1. 5ft.
  2. 5ft 2in
  3. 5ft 3in
  4. 5ft 5in
  5. 5ft 7in

The happiness, popularity, and success of a person don’t depend on the height of a person. The size makes the personality look attractive and charming about the person’s character, which casts an overall effect. So, never take this parameter seriously. But if you want to compare and contrast your heights for fun, then our online tool will help you a lot; that is very convenient.

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